Lady Gaga Claps Back At The Chainsmokers

Oh shit Lady Gaga went and did that! In case you missed it, The Chainsmokers went out there and let Billboard magazine know that they thought “Perfect Illusion” sucked. Listen it wasn’t my favorite song that Gaga has ever put out but The Chainsmokers have a few hits under their belt whereas Lady Gaga has an incredible career under her belt. That is the difference. Listen, I love “Closer” and all of that but these guys, all of their songs sound the same.

For the record, Gaga’s new song is way better. It is really a good one, I would actually listen to this song on my own, not just bob my head to it on the radio so you know it’s real!

Gaga rarely plays into hate, so I love that she did this. Put them in their place Gaga.

Check it out for yourself!

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