Taylor Swift Made Ed Sheeran A Drake Inspired Needlepoint

ImageSo tonight on MTV they will be airing that 9 Days of Ed Sheeran I think it is called. It will all be leading up to release of his sophomore album which will be released on June 23rd. Tonight the special will show Ed in the studio and on stage and everything like that. Just a normal English dude living his life and being famous while doing it.

There will of course be interviews from some of his famous friends like Taylor Swift and Pharrell Williams. I can’t lie, I am excited to see what Taylor Swift has to say about him. Last summer I saw them in concert and they absolutely killed it. I do believe that whether you hate or love Ed and Taylor, you are aware of their musical presence.

Anyway, today MTV put out an article about how Taylor made him a Drake inspired needlepoint, and I was immediately interested in what that even meant. We all know that Ed can rap like a fool and Taylor can knit like a gangster so I needed to see it and let me tell you. It didn’t disappoint.

ImageI can just picture Taylor drinking some tea, making that while she sits there and thinks about who she needs to write songs about.

Let’s hope that these two will always remain friends and create music together since they make some incredible songs together. Well one incredible song together, we can only hope that more will come along down the road.