Dame Judi Dench Gets First Tattoo At 81!

The Earl of Wessex (left) talks with Dame Judi Dench
WPA Pool / Getty Images

Let’s be real, Judi Dench is a bad ass, right? Nothing like getting a wrist tattoo on your 81st birthday to remind people of that.

“That’s my motto: ‘Seize the day,'” she said. “Finty gave it to me for my 81st birthday — she’s wonderful with surprises,” Dench explained when she was asked about the tattoo.

Apparently it was a gift from her daughter too, she had said she wanted to get a tattoo and her daughter decided to take her for her birthday.

Now Dench’s birthday was back in December but the fresh ink has went unnoticed until recently.

Keep being incredible Judi.

The Earl of Wessex (left) talks with Dame Judi Dench
WPA Pool / Getty Images

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Comedy Pioneer Joan Rivers Dies At Age 81


In my humble opinion there are few people who were as real as late comedian Joan Rivers. Sure her face may have been fake but her humor was raw and it was unapologetic. That is one thing that not many people seem to realize when they think of Joan Rivers. Rivers, was one of the first female comedians to really make a name for themselves in comedy. She was rude, crude, and never apologized for a thing that she had said. Something that people well both loved and hated her for.

As sad as it is writing this blog I want people to realize that in a world that is constantly looking for apologies and must be so politically correct, Joan never played by those rules. She said whatever was on her mind and she would never take it back. Some people would say she was too harsh on the red carpet but she just simply said what everyone was thinking.

With awards season coming up the red carpet will not be the same without Joan’s input.

Joan thank you for being someone who I look up to and aspire to one day be like. Celebrities you got off very easy for this up and coming awards season!