Man Crush Monday: Bruno Mars

There is something about Bruno Mars that I just can’t get enough of. Number one he is insanely talented, he can sing, dance, write music, and play multiple instruments, that is pretty awesome. He is also tiny, and adorable. How can you not love a little pocket sized entertainer.

Last night he stole the show at the Super Bowl for me. Everyone was about Beyonce I was all about my man Bruno. He went up there dressed like Run DMC, maybe some Backstreet Boy vibes too, and he slayed it. I didn’t realize how good of a dancer he was until last night.

In my opinion he is one of the few true entertainers left out there. I mean a lot of people can sing, a lot of people can dance, but not many people can mix it all up while singing live. Justin Timberlake is the number one entertainer of our generation, I am sure of that but Bruno is a close second, for males at least.

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Taraji P. Henson Thought Maroon 5 Was Performing At The Super Bowl Halftime Show

This was my favorite part of the entire Super Bowl. I mean the halftime show was awesome, don’t get me wrong but this, this is legendary. There is such confidence in that caption too. Maroon 5 is life to her, but she thinks that Coldplay is Maroon 5. Does it even matter?

Thank you Taraji for giving this to the world.

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The Hottest Football Players In Super Bowl 50

At the start of the season I ranked the hottest 17 players, and that was back when all the teams had the same shot at winning the Super Bowl. Now the final game of the season is two weeks away, it will be airing on Sunday February 7th, Coldplay and Beyonce will be performing. Now the two teams left are the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. As I put together my list of the best looking guys in both teams I will be honest, they didn’t give me much to work with. Each team had maybe one or two very good looking players, then they fell off. So please bare with me with this list, I had to reach a bit.

Now when you are watching the game with your boyfriend or whomever, you can throw out some facts on these players and also add how attractive they are.

Let’s get started!

10.Devin Funchess (Panthers)

Age- 21
Height- 6’5″
Position- Wide Reciever

9.Greg Olsen (Panthers)

Height- 6’5″
Position- Tight End

8.Kurt Coleman (Panthers)

Age- 27
Position- Safety

7.Demaryius Thomas (Broncos)

Age- 28
Height- 6’3″
Position- Wide Receiver

6.Cody Latimer (Broncos)

Age- 23
Height- 6’3″
Position- Wide Receiver

5.Josh Norman (Panthers)

Age- 28
Height- 6’0
Position- Cornerback

4.Brock Osweiler (Broncos)

Age- 25
Height- 6’7″
Position- Quarterback (back up)

3.Emmanuel Sanders (Broncos)

Age- 28
Height- 5’11”
Position- Wide Receiver

2.Cam Newton (Panthers)

Age- 26
Height- 6’5″
Position- Quarterback

1. Luke Kuechly (Panthers)

Age- 24
Height- 6’3″
Position- Linebacker

So there you have it! The best looking players in Super Bowl 50! If you don’t like football at least you have some serious eye candy that you can watch!

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Beyonce Will Join Coldplay At Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show!

Thank God it isn’t only Coldplay performing. I understand that Chris Martin has a great voice but the half time show is for entertainment. The half time show is what the women wait for while watching football, am I right?

So how do you keep people interested? Beyonce. That is that. You put Beyonce anywhere and people are going to watch. Her fans will be sitting there watching the whole thing, even if Coldplay gets boring. Her fans will not move from in front of that screen.

Good idea NFL, I am glad you guys added a second performer to the mix.

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Happy 50th Birthday Brad Pitt!


I can officially say that I have another crush who is a senior citizen! My first will always be Liam Neeson, anyway congrats Brad Pitt! He has had some questionable looks lately so I chose a picture from when he was like 47  but still old enough. Honestly I hated Brad Pitt after the whole Jennifer and Angelina thing but I forgave him. I know forgiveness from me is hard to get so be happy about that Brad!

You are looking great Brad! Keep up the good looks you handsome fella’!