Happy Birthday Reese Witherspoon!


Today Reese Witherspoon turns 41 but I am convinced that she might be a vampire because she hasn’t actually aged since 1998. Can we get the government to look into it? That would be something I wouldn’t mind my taxes going to.

Reese is an amazing actress but that isn’t where he talent stops. One thing that Reese has been doing behind the camera is making sure that there are more women behind the camera. If that makes sense at all. She started her own production company and started to make movies focusing more on female characters, things of that nature.

Little fun fact about her is that she was one of the executive producers on ‘Gone Girl’ and we all know how well that did in theaters.

If you have followed this blog at all you know that Reese is one of my favorite actress. She doesn’t get the credit she deserves and even though she had a few years down after ‘Walk The Line’ she is back. Personally I think that her role in ‘Big Little Lies’ is her best yet!

So happy birthday Reese, may it be filled with pastel colored flowers and other Pinterest type things!

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Happy Birthday Brian Littrell!

Happy 41st birthday to my first celebrity crush ever. My room used to be basically wallpapered with pictures Brian and the rest of the Backstreet Boys, but I am not going to make this weird.

Just want to wish one of my all time favorite singers a happy birthday! Yes, Brian has the voice of an angel so go listen to some of his incredible solos. I have a had a crush on this man since he was 23, so it is kind of crazy that now he is 41 and the boys are still out there touring and selling records.

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BMX Icon Dave Mirra Dies At 41

According to reports Dave Mirra was found with a self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Dave was found in his truck, and there was no note or anything that has been found. All that has been said is that it was a self inflicted wound. The BMX legend leaves behind a wife and two children.

I hope that the press can give his family the privacy that they need in order to try and comprehend his death. I know that in the days coming there will be a lot of different posts as to why he did it, how his family is coping, and probably pictures of his casket. I want you to know that you will not find any of that here. I believe that we should honor him with a post, and not try and gain website clicks by continuously posting about a death.

Dave, thank you for being one of my favorite hosts ever (The Challenge), and one of my first crushes when I was old enough to realize what a crush was. You were an idol to so many people I knew growing up, along with people all over the world. You changed the BMX world forever.

May you find your peace and may your family find peace during this difficult time.

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