Happy 26th Birthday Taylor Swift!

Happy birthday to the legend known as Taylor Swift!

I understand that are many people who aren’t a fan of Taylor Swift, they find her annoying, overbearing, and dislike her music, those are just some of the things I have heard. It is fine if you don’t like her but you have to respect her. Not only is she a megastar she takes time out to see her fans, donate to charity, and be a good role model to women everywhere.

Apparently she is going to be taking a small break from the spotlight this year, which will suck but we will see her at the Grammy’s where hopefully she will take home album of the year!

Happy 26th Birthday Rihanna!

ImageHappy birthday to the baddest bitch on the planet, Rihanna! I mean she has claimed that right, right? She is just a singer that oozes sex appeal! Guys want her, girls want her, she is basically one of the hottest singers ever on the entire planet!

Rihanna has been around since she was 16 and went from Little Miss Sunshine to a bad bitch. She has had such an incredible transformation over the years and has incredible music too. Her last album kind of sucked but hopefully her next one will be better. Hopefully she stays far away from Chris Brown too, he is the definition of a piece of shit!

So happy birthday you beautiful woman, 26 has never looked so good. Thank you for giving me hits like Umbrella and S&M to jam to whenever I need to.

Go eat some cake, cake, cake, cake!