Sandra Bullock Is Named People’s 2015 World’s Most Beautiful Woman!

“Real beauty is quiet. Especially in this town, it’s just so hard not to say, ‘Oh, I need to look like that,’ ” she explains. “No, be a good person, be a good mom, do a good job with the lunch, let someone cut in front of you who looks like they’re in a bigger hurry. The people I find most beautiful are the ones who aren’t trying.”

Daily life for the two revolves around carpools, play dates and “deep” conversations, including a recent one involving Bullock “listening to him tell me why he was going to marry his girlfriend,” she says. “But then we were having Sunday dinner, and he said he changed his mind. I just told him, ‘Always love those who want to love you back and are nice to you.’ Then we moved back to Legos and ‘Why are you making me eat broccoli?’ ”

As a mom, Bullock admits she is wrapped around her son’s finger, “but I will never let him know it. We have rules,” she says. “I let everyone else be the aunties and uncles who spoil him and I’m the one that lays down the law.” (Read more:,,20913899_20915288,00.html)

Well I did not see this choice coming but all I can say is that I support it 100 percent. I think that Sandra Bullock is one of the best celebrities out there. Now, I know that is a big thing to say. It is big to say she is one of the best famous people ever, but I like to think that she is. She went from being publicly humiliated by her ex husband Jesse James, to being one of the most beloved people in Hollywood.

Sandra deserves this award! I mean who else could have been most beautiful? Maybe Reese Witherspoon, maybe. Sandra just seems like such an incredible person inside and out. I mean she was such a boss ass bitch in ‘The Blind Side’ and in ‘Miss Congeniality’, I like to think that Sandra is the next Betty White, just staying relevant forever and eventually being everyone’s favorite old person. That is if Betty even died by then. I like to think that Betty will be the oldest woman to ever live.

Anyway, I don’t really feel like she takes the crown of most beautiful too seriously but congrats Sandra! Keep being awesome!

Paris Hilton’s Dog Tinkerbell Passes Away At 14

When Paris Hilton first made a name for herself in the early 2000’s there was another star right next to her doing the same, and I am not talking about Nicole Richie. Her dog Tinkerbell was really the star whenever Paris was on talk shows, red carpets, or even on the actual show The Simple Life. Let’s be real Tinkerbell was the absolute shit.

Paris announced today that her 14 year old best puppy friend passed away by saying “I love you Tinky, you are a Legend & will never be forgotten.” That is very true. Tinkerbell you are the original purse dog and everyone will love you for it.

Rest in doggy heaven Tinkerbell, everyone knows you will always be a legend.

Hoodie Allen Offers Help To Fans In Need!

I don’t think that I really need to elaborate what Hoodie is putting together for his army of fans. He wants people to be able to just have somewhere to go, an outlet in a way to talk about their issues. Now this is one of the many reasons I am proud that I have been a fan of Hoodie’s since the start. I think the he is incredibly talented, but he also gives back to his fans a lot. He is constantly responding to them on Twitter, Facebook, and clearly this act of love shows that he genuinely does care.

Now he is calling on the Hoodie Mob as he liked to call it, to help him out here because let’s be real this inbox is going to be flooded. Not many celebrities would even think of doing something like this, so I give him extreme credit. Letting fans help fans, he will try and reach out to fans. Sometimes people just need a place to vent out about school, work, relationship issues, really anything. There are only so many times you can tell someone you hate your job until they tune you out.

So good for you Hoodie, there is a reason I have supported you for the last however many years, still a huge fan!

Really though, if you are reading this and you feel like there is nowhere to go, email that place or even email me. All of my contact info is in my about me. I will gladly listen without judgement. Everyone should be able to speak their issues without being judged.

Big Sean & Ariana Grande Have Broken Up After 8 Months

Big Sean and Ariana Grande perform at A Very GRAMMY Christmas in 2014.

“They both deeply care for each other and remain close friends,” their reps tell Us in a joint statement. “We kindly ask that the media respect their wish for privacy regarding this personal matter at this time.”
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Is there anything more annoying than one of these stupid joint statements after a break up? You two were together for eight months, that is it. You two weren’t married, you were dating. Sure you had cute pictures and were all over each other on the red carpet, but it was still just dating. Not even dating for a year! Shut the fuck up with this joint statement. We kindly ask that you respect their privacy, sure. Know what would have made people respect their privacy? Not announcing a fucking joint statement of a break up.

I think that we all knew this relationship was all about publicity. Ariana Grande is always singing on all those R&B  tracks that she says are her own, but she doesn’t have one song that isn’t featuring someone. Big Sean had just broken up with Naya Rivera and well, he started dating one of the hottest up and coming stars. I see you two, don’t try and fool me.

Bieber is swooping in for the kill as I type this.

Zayn Malik Shaved His Head & Got A Nose Ring!

Well Zayn Malik has pulled the most unoriginal move ever after leaving a boyband. He has shaved his gorgeous locks that everyone loved so much. Also just to prove how much of a rebel he is, he got himself a nose ring! I didn’t even know nose rings were still cool! I thought nose rings and eyebrow rings were out, looks like I was wrong though. Time to go get that shit pierced.

Maybe now Zayn can live his life as a normal 22 year old like he always wanted to! No one will notice him now that he has a shaved head. Bravo Zayn, bravo.

Hey Zayn I have news for you. Justin did it better!

Hilary Duff Dyes Her Hair Pink, Purple, and Silver

So I feel like it is 2004 again talking about Hilary Duff but somehow she managed to become relevant again. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved “Lizzie McGuire” but I was always jealous of this chick. I mean she dated Aaron Carter and she dated Frankie Muniz! Leave some of the early 2000 hotties for me Hilary!

Alright, look at this hair though, what is she doing? What does she think she is doing with this crazy hair? She just had that aqua hair that Kylie Jenner has, or had, I can’t keep track. Now she is going all buckwild with this hair? I mean I get it Hilary you are excited to be back in the limelight, but then again I don’t get it. Why? Why you gotta play these games with your hair color? Go back to being blonde, like how I remember you!

Congrats on being relevant again, I don’t know how you did it, yet I am proud of you. I have no reason to be proud, but I am.

Please go back to blonde, do it for the children.

Justin Timberlake Shows Off His Son Silas In Adorable Instagram Post!

All I can say right now is damn you Jessica Biel! With your hot ass husband and your incredibly adorable son! Justin posted the photo on Sunday April 19th, in support of his favorite basketball team the Memphis Grizzlies. I think we can all agree that this baby is pretty gifted in the DNA department. Although the little guy is yawning you can see that he got JT’s baby blue eyes.

Let me just say one thing. Silas is a badass name. Silas Timberlake is going to rule the world one day, watch out!

Are Calvin Harris & Taylor Swift Really Dating?


So just the other night Taylor and Calvin were spotted out at the Kenny Chesney concert in Nashville. According to eye witnesses they were dancing together, Taylor was sitting on Calvin’s lap, and she even kissed him through out the night. Now this concert happened after they were spotted dressed like twins at a Whole Foods Market in Nashville.

TMZ has a video of them holding hands as they left the concert together too. Now, I have a feeling this is nothing more than PR stunt for a few different reasons. Number one, Calvin Harris is a major douche. He is a major douche who makes a ton of money, but he is still just that. I mean, I hate him for what he did to Rita Ora. Remember they broke up? Then he wouldn’t let her sing their song that they recorded together because he was a bitter ex-boyfriend about it. Number two, hasn’t Taylor been doing that whole she loves being single, girl power thing for a while now? I don’t think that she would just change her mind right away because of Harris.

Anyway, I think that this is just another publicity stunt. Her best friend is so called dating a DJ, so know what would look good? If Taylor Swift dated one of the biggest DJs in the world.These two could totally be banging, I mean Harris is hot, but I do believe this is some well though out PR dating.

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Zayn Malik Has Decided To Quit One Direction!


I kind of feel like this shouldn’t be a surprise after what went down a few days ago with him leaving the tour. I know that One Direction fans will hate me for this, but who does he think he is? Who does Zayn Malik think he is leaving the band high and dry? All boy bands need five boys in them! Also, you don’t quit a band before the star of the band quits it. I think that we can all agree Harry Styles is the biggest star out of the five boys. He is the Justin Timberlake, he is the Nick Carter, you like the other guys but Harry is the one that people see when they look at One Direction.

Can I just say that I think his way or saying he wants to live a normal life is absolute bullshit. That would be like Bieber saying he wants to live a normal life. Guess what, normal is out the window for you. Zayn you were in one of the biggest boy bands of all time, everyone is going to recognize you. Enough with the oh poor me routine. Yes, people are constantly in your face but guess what, you have more money than any of your fans will ever have. Well most likely you do. I wonder how they will deal with him breaking his contract and all of this.

Zayn you pulled a total Ginger Spice move, not cool.

Wait, They Are Already Making A New Fantastic Four?


Now this is something that I don’t think I will ever understand, movies being remade after only like 10 years. When Spiderman did I didn’t understand I don’t understand this either! The original movie came out in in 2005, only 9 years ago. Why do they feel the need to reboot it? I do remember one thing about these movies, they sucked! They were just awful!

Now I understand, this cast is pretty stacked. People love Jamie Bell, I don’t know why but they do. Then there are my two boyfriends Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan. Then a chick I have never heard of but good for her, this cast is stacked.

I just think remaking this movie is really fucking dumb since people hardly even remember the first time this movie was made. I understand people now want to try and make a better superhero movie than The Avengers but guess what? It isn’t going to happen! That movie has Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Scarlett Johansson, you will never beat that.

I really just hope this movie doesn’t get made.