JoJo Drops Surprise Free EP #LOVJO2

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JoJo is back in a big way and I am beyond excited. I mean she dropped three songs a few months back and she recently released a free EP because she is incredible! Truthfully I have been ready for this musical comeback for a few years now. At age 12 JoJo had power vocals and they have only got better in time, that is the truth.

2016 is going to be JoJo’s year,  I know it! She is fucking incredible and now that she is out of the contact from hell she can come back to music and grace us all with her incredible vocals.

Sit down everyone class is in session and JoJo is about to teach you a thing or two!

On another note, she uses the best samples, right? Go listen to High Road and all of those samples, it was perfect.

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Taylor Swift Visits Young Fan With Cancer For Christmas

It’s the season of giving and Taylor Swift didn’t hold back on giving one of her biggest fans an early Christmas present.

The 26-year-old mega star made a holiday detour to visit Delaney Clements, a 12-year-old girl in Colorado who has stage four Neuroblastoma. Clements has been battling the cancer she was 8 years old.

Swift took Clements, a dedicated Swiftie — with an Instagram bio to prove it — by total surprise.

“Literally speechless right now!!!!!” the young fan wrote on her Instagram page, alongside a photo of with Swift. “My new best friend (as I call her now) made a special stop from going home to Tennessee and surprised me and gave me the best present/ hugg ever!!” (credit)

And this my friends is why Taylor Swift has such a strong, loyal fan base. Taylor takes her time to meet with fans and even goes out of her way to do so. Can you imagine having Taylor Swift casually walk into your home and surprise you before Christmas? I would probably pass out and it would be weird for everyone involved.

Truthfully after reading about Delaney she deserved this visit. She has been fighting nueroblastoma since she was eight years old, now at 12 she continues her fight. I can’t even imagine what she has gone through and being able to meet her idol? It had to have helped raise her spirits.

Here are some photos that her mother posted on her Facebook.

Keep being a saint Taylor and Delaney keep on fighting and smiling!

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Steve Harvey Crowned The Wrong Miss Universe

There are few things worse than looking like a complete ass on national television, actually no there isn’t. Especially not now with the internet and every inch of social media can make fun of you. Steve Harvey, you really messed up last night. Truthfully I didn’t even know that people still watched Miss Universe but apparently they do, and you really messed up.

If you weren’t aware last night Steve crowned Miss Colombia as Miss Universe. She sgot the crown, started to walk around with her flag, waving it all proud and everything. She was very proud of her win, then they announced that there was a mistake, a big mistake. Miss Colombia was actually supposed to be first runner up.  Miss Philippines was actually the big winner of the night.

Steve went on Twitter to formally apologize for his mistake.

"I want to apologize emphatically to Miss Philippians

I would like to point out that he misspelled Colombia and Philippines, so that is good.

Also to the people who say that we should forgive Steve Harvey for his mistake. No. He gets paid so much money to not mess up the name of the winner. That is his main job.  He deserves all of the shit that is happening, that is all that I can say.

It was truly a moment that made me almost wince. These women spend their whole lives trying to be Miss Universe and Steve Harvery gave then took it away to the Sofia Vergara look alike.

There are some people who are saying this was all meant to happen to make people most interested in that pagaent but I do not believe that for a second.

Watch the video below if you want to feel uncomfortable.

The Hills Alum Audrina Patridge Is Pregnant!

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Aw looks like all of the young women from ‘The Hills’ are all grown up! Lauren is married, Whitney is engaged or married or some shit, Lo is doing her thing, and now Audrina is engaged and expecting a little one. How sweet is that?

Just so you all know, Justin Bobby is not the father, I think that everyone should be aware of that. Imagine if he was though? Maybe they could have their own little spin off series.

Congrats to Audrina and to her baby daddy!

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John Krasinski Covers Men’s Health Magazine

Well hello there Jim Halpert you are looking mighty fine lately! Seriously, John looks absolutely incredible. Apparently in the magazine he opens up about how he only had four months to get into the shape of a soldier, which I probably won’t read. Honestly I will just look at the pictures because my lord John is looking good.

I seriously love John, he just seems like one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. Him and Emily Blunt are adorable, he just seems like such a likable nice person. I think that we can all agree on that. So he has always been adorable, but now he is all muscles so he is sexy. Very sexy.

Check out some of the pictures below and fall in love with the big friendly giant known as John Krasinski!

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Macaulay Culkin Show Us What Grown-Up Kevin McAllister Is Like

This is absolutely hysterical. I mean that too. I mean Macaulay is looking rough but he is really hilarious in this video. The only thing that would have been better is if he said “Merry Christmas ya filthy animals”, that would have made it even better, but hey it didn’t happen that’s okay.

It is absolutely perfect that Kevin grew up to have PTSD after being left home alone, multiple times too! I mean this happened on more than one occasion, anyone would have issues from that!

Watch it and laugh! I promise you will love it!

Demi Lovato & Wilmer Valderrama Pack On The PDA In St Barts

So for a while I was against this couple mostly because of Wilmer’s dating history. I thought it was weird that he was old enough to have allegedly taken Mandy Moore’s virginity and he also allegedly took Lindsay Lohan’s virginity. He just moved on from young star to young star so when he got with Demi I figured that was all that it was. Clearly five years later I was wrong. I can admit it, it happens every once in a while.

These two lovebirds were recently down in St. Barts, maybe they are still there, I’m not sure. Apparently Demi is doing something top secret with Victoria’s Secret. Although it isn’t super top secret because we know that it is happening. Demi has been going like crazy lately though, so it was probably a much needed relaxation.

Anyway these two couldn’t keep their hands off of each other and of course there was a paparazzi taking all the photos possible!

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Austin Mahone Releases #ThisIsNotTheAlbum On Soundcloud

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Guys Austin Mahone is back and I am so excited. I have always been a fan of Mahone, since he was like 15, don’t you dare judge me! Austin hasn’t released anything in about a year so this is a big deal. Truth is that I think Austin has what it takes to really make a name for himself in a bigger demographic than young women. He has a great voice and sound, much better than Bieber, I just hope that people can give him the credit that he deserves.

His new more R&B sound is exactly what his voice is suited for. His pop songs were very generic but these songs actually have some depth and are really well produced.

Check it out because he deserves recognition for casually dropping a mixtape on a Thursday afternoon!

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Sia Debuts New Song ‘Cheap Thrills’!

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Apparently this song was rejected by Rihanna, all I can say is that Rihanna made a mistake. ‘Cheap Thrills’ is an awesome song and I could totally see Rihanna singing it, I am glad that Sia made it her own though. Sia’s voice is absolutely insane and her song writing ability is so incredible too.

I won’t say it is her best song but I will say that I do like the song and I think after a few drinks I will be bopping around the dance floor without any hesistation.

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Sam Hunt Sang “Break Up In A Small Town” On ‘The Voice’ Season Finale

Let’s be real, Sam Hunt is an absolute babe, can we all agree on that? He is easily one of the best looking guys in music right now, and his voice is just, wow. His whole half sing, half talk thing is where it is at right now. I am also so happy that he is singing “Break Up In A Small Town” rather than “Take Your Time”. Listen I love both songs but the small town break up, let’s be real a lot of people have been through that. Very few have had a guy hit on them at a bar and the guy just wants to talk, nothing else.

Sam killed his performance though! I also have to add that I am beyond jealous of the girl who got to hold his hand during the performance. Lucky lady.

Watch Sam sing and feel yourself swoon, if I could put a hearteyes emoji here I totally would.

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