Jennifer Lopez Pays Tribute To Selena At The 2015 Latin Billboard Awards

Yes, this is the best video I could find of the performance at the moment, and I think that it does the performance justice. You can hear how awesome J.Lo sounds and there isn’t some stupid review at the start of it!

J.Lo y los Dinos! Yup, those were Selena’s siblings up on stage with J.Lo! Such an incredible tribute for such a beautiful star taken far too early in her singing career. Of course J.Lo starred in the blockbuster ‘Selena’ where she played the slain singer, but she did an incredible job.

Bravo J.Lo you did an incredible job honoring Selena!

Selena Forever!

Looks Like Justin Bieber Will Make A Cameo In ‘Zoolander 2’

Justin Bieber Zoolander 2 Pic

Welp, I was pretty excited for ‘Zoolander 2’ simply because the first one was absolutely hilarious. Now, I don’t know how I feel. Now listen, I am over Bieber. I think that his whole thing about wanting to be a better person is a really good PR stunt but eventually he will slip up. Anyway, I don’t want to see him act. I am really not a fan of singers that think they can become actors. Even Justin Timberlake annoys me when he acts. Like stick to one thing, okay? Okay.

Maybe he will be a graduate of “The Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too” because that would be absolutely hilarious. That is something that I might be able to get behind.

Zac Efron Goes Nearly Nude In Tight Briefs

Zac Efron flaunts her pert derriere while filming the new movie Dirty Grandpa on April 28.

Today the Lord has decided to bless us with this picture of Zac Efron wearing nude colored briefs and looking insanely perfect. He is currently filming a movie with Robert Di Nero and it should be hilarious. I mean who would have thought that Zac would take the turn into comedy? I really thought that he would end up being a romantic comedy type guy, but actual comedy is always god too. Especially when I am going to assume that he is trying to do a nude scene or some sort. I am all about this!

So take a good look, and I can’t wait to see those buns of steel up on the big screen! He was also seen rocking a badass fringe crop top. I never thought I would be attracted to a man in a crop top, yet here I am.

Zac Efron rocks a fringed crop top and striped pants on the set of Dirty Grandpa on April 27.

Zac Efron strips down to his underwear to film a scene for his new movie Dirty Grandpa on April 28.

Dat booty doe.

Are Amber Rose & Machine Gun Kelly Dating?


So TMZ is reporting that Amber Rose was at an airport to pick up her boo thang Machine Gun Kelly. Now, I thought just a few weeks ago she was saying that Wiz was the love of her life? I am officially confused. I don’t understand Amber Rose but I like her. There is just something about this whiffle cut bitch that I can’t get enough of. I kind of feel like she knows that she isn’t taken seriously as a “celebrity” so she just says random shit constantly.

If you don’t know Machine Gun Kelly, you aren’t alone. I mean I am a fan of his, I have been for a while but he isn’t really known on popular radio or anything like that. But he is a rapper! So you can at least tell people that fact when they ask who he is.

Does Amber have a type? I mean MGK is skinny, tall, and tatted up, oh and smokes as much weed as Wiz. I see something in common!

Fun fact, this is my favorite MGK song!

Ellen Pompeo Breaks Silence On Patrick Dempsey’s Exit From ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

I have been waiting since Thursday for this to come out. Let’s be real, the show revolves around Meredith Grey and her life. Yes, Derek was a big part of her life, but she has so much more to give. Yang said it best when she told Meredith that she was the sun. Now, I did make a long angry rampage about how they killed Derek off and I will stand by that. He deserved a better send off. Derek was one of the most important characters on the show for ten years, he deserved better. That would be like if they just killed Bailey and made it seem like nothing happened.

Today though Ellen came out on Twitter and made a post that was very interesting. She acknowledged that Derek had left but she still wants people to give the show a shot basically. Ellen isn’t a dummy, she knows that people are going to be bullshit about this, probably not watch and make ratings drop. Fandoms are crazy like that.

Check out what Ellen had to say below.

Embedded image permalink

Alright, I see what you are doing there Ellen. I guess my thought of her not coming back for another season isn’t a thought at all, since she will most likely be on it.

Maybe I can give Grey’s another shot, but I am doing it for Ellen! Not for you Shonda! You are still the wicked witch of television!

Mariah Carey Releases New Song ‘Infinity’! Is She Slamming Ex Nick Cannon?

Featured Image

Oh shit Mariah is back and ready to make heads roll! I mean I think that she learned a few things during her little fling with Eminem back in the day. I mean, Nick Cannon you better run because she is after you. Do I think this is Mariah’s best vocal work? No, absolutely not. Guess what though? Mariah is a fucking legend so it doesn’t matter. She could sing the phonebook and I would listen to her. She is one of the best voices of all time, she will get that voice back too, this is a great start though.

Know what I think needs to happen now? I am praying that Mariah and Eminem come together for a track and then get married. I think they were a couple that could’ve been great. You hear that guys? You have my blessing, so get on it.

Boy you actin’ so corny like Fritos
Wouldn’t have none of that without me, though

You tell ’em Mimi

Watch Cecily Strong’s Remarks At The White House Correspondents Dinner!

First of all I love Cecily Strong, she is my favorite of the new wave SNL cast. I think that I have an official girl crush on her after watching this video. Let’s be real. She killed it. She made the room be uncomfortable for about 20 minutes, I mean that is my kind of girl.

Cecily you are hilarious and I hope that she comes out with a stand up special or something like that. That would make me very happy.

Ugh, she just killed it. Cecily Strong had no problem poking fun at anyone, so perfect.

-Amanda Knox jokes are hilarious. I mean, she is probably guilty even though she wasn’t found guilty.

-Fox news jokes

-Obama’s white hair jokes.

All hilarious.

Tyga Gets Kylie Jenner’s Name Tattooed For The World To See


(Photo courtesy:

Well it looks like it is official. Although Blac Chyna has been talking about how Tyga still wants to be with her, he steps out with some fresh ink. Kylie has been officially tattooed on his inner arm with what appears to be either a heart or a rose around it. Now I have looked at this picture for a solid 20 minutes trying to figure out if it is real. I mean it kind of looks photoshopped right? I looked around the interwebs and apparently it is a real tattoo. Which is terrifying.

These two have been together for a little while now, since she was like 13 I believe. No, kidding, she was a mature 16 years old. Now he has her name on his arm and you know what that means? They are meant to be for the rest of their lives!

Isn’t is a curse to get a tattoo of your current fling on your arm though? Clearly Tyga doesn’t care about tattoos since he has one on his fucking face, but aren’t I right?

If Kylie wasn’t a celebrity people would want Tyga in jail. I am just going to let you sit with that while you talk about how mature Kylie is, and how age doesn’t matter.

Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea Are Performing Together At The Billboard Music Awards!

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Stop the presses! Stop the presses right this instant! Britney is coming back to an awards show!! Billboard Music Awards just became one of my number one priorities and I wasn’t even aware of it!

Britney is and will always be a queen, does she sing live? No. Does she dance as well as she used to? No, she has had two knee surgeries! Does she have the personality she used to have? No, she is a mom now, must be a little tame, duh.

I give Iggy a pretty hard time because I hate her music, like Black Widow was good but I can’t stand any of her songs other than that, but she gets so much hate I almost feel bad for her. Then I remember she is still making crazy amounts of money so I don’t feel all that bad about it.

I do have a question, anyway we can cut Iggy out of this performance? Just like Britney do a melody of her hits while Iggy stands back and takes notes? No? No way? Well, alright.

Meadow Walker Shares Throwback Picture of Late Father Paul Walker

Meadow didn’t post any caption but let’s be real, did she even need to? This picture is absolutely adorable and clearly Meadow adored and still adores her father.

I just thought this picture was cute and wanted to post it. In other news the cast of ‘Fast and Furious’ have made it very clear that Meadow is apart of their family! Here is a picture of her just casually hanging out with Vin Diesel and Elsa Pataky!