Throwback To *NSYNC performing “Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays”

If second grade Willi Killiams could see me posting about *NSYNC and being positive? She would absolutely kick my ass. How dare I go against BSB code, right? It’s okay, 1998 Willi, *NSYNC broke up and BSB is still together, you’ve seen them live eight times, it’s totally fine.

Now that you’ve witnessed my inner dialect, let’s celebrate this song. Let’s celebrate Justin’s curly hair, turtlenecks, and JC’s beautiful voice. That’s right JC had the best voice in *NSYNC at this time (and all the time) but I know JT fans are a little crazy.

Check out the video, let nostalgia consume you and remember when we weren’t in debt from college loans.


JC, JT, Joey, Chris, and Lance, in that order.

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Alicia Keys’ ‘Fallin’ Went Number One 15 Years Ago Today!

There are certain songs that stick with you. ‘Fallin’ by Alicia Keys is absolutely one of those songs for me. Alicia Keys is one of the most musically talented women on this planet, that is something that I am absolutely sure of.

Alicia was only 20 when she put this song out. During a time when pop music ruled, Alicia put out a soulful song accompanied by a music video where she wasn’t showing off her body. I am not saying that there is anything wrong it, this was just when Christina and Britney ruled the radio and TRL countdown, and being sexy was their thing.

Since Alicia put out this song she has put out a ton of other hits. ‘No One’, ‘My Boo’, ‘Girl On Fire’, ‘A Woman’s Worth’, and I could keep going on and on. She will also be appearing on this upcoming season of “The Voice” which I am excited to see. Alicia’s voice is out of this world and like I said, she is just talented all around. She sings, plays instruments, and writes her own stuff, you can’t deny talent.

In a world where there seemed to be a million people trying to be the next Britney, thank you for deciding to be the first Alicia.

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RIP Bretagne, The Last Known Surviving 9/11 Search Dog

NYDN- The last surviving search dog that sniffed out Ground Zero for trapped survivors after the 9/11 terrorist attacks has died. Bretagne, a 16-year-old golden retriever, was euthanized Monday at a Texas veterinary hospital, fire officials said. Owner and volunteer firefighter Denise Corliss is “distraught” over Bretagne’s death, Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department spokesman Capt. David Padovan told the Daily News. “She had lived longer and accomplished more than anybody,” Padovan said.

Although I usually focus on celebrity gossip and making light of situations, I do like to take a little break.

So many heroes of all different shapes, sizes, races, and even species came to help search through the rubble of 9/11. Thank you Bretagne for your service.


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Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake’s Matching Denim Date Happened 15 Years Ago Today

15 years ago at the 2001 American Music Awards, something magical happened. Pop royalty Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake wore matching denim outfits.

We will never forget that iconic moment in pop culture. Thank you Britney and Justin, you may not have been able to make your relationship work but you gave us this moment. A moment that we will always remember.

JT+BS 4ever.

I can’t be the only one who secretly wishes they would get back together, right?

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