14 Years Ago “Beautiful” By Christina Aguilera Was Released

Whether you love or hate this song, you know every damn word to at least the first verse of “Beautiful”, don’t even lie, you know you do! Christina decided to get deep when she released “Beautiful” , which was just after “Dirty” so she seemed to want to clean up her act just a little bit. Maybe? I don’t know. She was all about that woman empowerment at that time.

Can I believe that it has been 14 years though? No, that’s complete insanity. This song is a great one to belt out though, especially alone in your car, try it, it is theraputic.

Never forget, you are beautiful.

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Nelly’s “Country Grammar” Album Is Certified Diamond

In 2000, Nelly came into the scene with his Midwest flow rapping ‘Country Grammar’ and following it up with the album “Country Grammar” as well.

Well, 16 years later, it is now certified diamond, something that not many albums ever achieve. Let’s put it this way, rappers like 50 Cent and Jay Z have never had any of their albums go diamond. Well, I should say yet because it took Nelly 16 years.

I think that we can all agree that  in the early 2000’s Nelly owned the rap game, as strange as that sounds but with songs like well, ‘Country Grammar’, ‘Ride Wit Me’, ‘Shake Ya Tailfeather’, ‘Air Force Ones’, ‘Hot In Herre’, along with duets like ‘Dilemma’ with Kelly Rowland (my favorite former member of Destiny’s Child), and ‘Over and Over’ which brought in country superstar Tim McGraw. I mean, he was all over the place with genres!

Word on the street is that Nelly is trying to make a cross over into country music, so we will see how that goes. His remix of ‘Cruise’ with Florida Georgia Line was a smash hit, so it wouldn’t surprise me if it actually worked in his favor!

Nelly, thanks for being my first favorite rapper ever, but I am still a little salty that you and Ashanti broke up, because you two were my favorite.

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