Scott Disick Posts On Instagram For The First Time Since Split With Kourtney Kardashian

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There ain’t no party like an I haven’t been officially single in 9 years party! Looks like this is what Scott had to say when everyone is fully aware that he and Kourtney are no longer together. Looks like he is about to party it up with a bunch of eager club goers that are pumped that Scott is single.

Here is my theory on the whole break up. They had been broken up for a while now, let’s be real. They were rarely seen out together, Scott has been traveling and hosting parties all over the place. They probably had an agreement they would be together in front of the cameras because Scott was a likable asshole on the show, and the show needed him. When the pictures got out though, Kourtney knew that it would no longer be good for her brand to still be attached to a cheater, so they broke up.

There you have it people! That is the Willi Killiams theory, and usually I am right.