Tyga Posts Racy Instagram Of Kylie Jenner To Celebrate Her Being 18


Is there anyone happier than Tyga on this day? He is finally dating a legal adult. This picture is pretty damn racy, but hey, she is legal now! She can legally vote, get a tattoo, smoke a cigarette, things that Tyga has been able to do for nearly seven years.

Over the weekend Tyga also bought Kylie an incredibly expensive lambo, like 360,000 dollars I believe. My question is, how is Tyga so rich? He seems to not be able to afford rent, leaves performances, and spends money like it’s going out of style. Time to wife up your money maker Tyga, she can legally do that now.

I truly don’t care how old Kylie is, this relationship will always be weird to me.

Kendall Jenner is following in Kim K’s footsteps


It was really only a matter of time before the two youngest of the Jenner/Kardashian clan started to show off their bodies right? By bodies I of course mean boobs and such. Kendall has been 18 for all of 2 seconds so of course she is going to post a picture of her nipples on Instagram. More power to you Kendall, you are just trying to remind people that there is a new generation of hoe and they better respect that! Honestly though Miley Cyrus would be getting so much shit for posting a picture like this. Right now people are like well Kendall is 18 and just showing that she is an adult, well okay people.

I am just waiting for the next Kardashian sex tape comes out because you know that it is on its way. Maybe it will be a Khloe and Lamar sex tape, that would be weird to watch, just two giants bumping uglies. I need to know right now who Kendall’s new frenemy is going to be because we need a Kim and Paris 2.0 right this instant.