Jennifer Lawrence: “Pizza fixes everything!”

If you follow my blog closely it isn’t hard to tell that Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite people ever and her interview with Barbara Walters last night just goes to prove how amazing she is. She is only 23 years old and is fucking hilarious, she doesn’t take the fame thing too seriously. … Continue reading Jennifer Lawrence: “Pizza fixes everything!”

Janelle Evans is now 21 and pregnant.

So there are a few conflicting reports about this but it was on E! so I am going to say that right now it is true! The hot mess known as Janelle Evans of Teen Mom 2 fame is expecting another child. Now, Janelle is known as the train wreck of the show. Last season … Continue reading Janelle Evans is now 21 and pregnant.

Best Boy Bands of All Time

So today in the celebrity world it is is slow for now at least. I haven’t seen anything that has really caught my eye to write about. Kanye West was at Harvard, cool. Other than that it has been a slow day. So I decided to take it into my own hands and write about … Continue reading Best Boy Bands of All Time

Miley Cyrus Virus

Miley Cyrus lit up a blunt at the EMA’s over the weekend and everyone is losing their shit. Most people are over her wild antics but I say, bring it on. If someone didn’t smoke weed on stage I would be upset. The shows were taking place in Amsterdam! Fucking Amsterdam! It isn’t like she … Continue reading Miley Cyrus Virus