Man Crush Monday: Tyler Posey

The Teen Choice Awards were last night and Tyler Posey was one of the two hosts, the other was Sarah Hyland. Anyway, Tyler Posey absolutely killed it as a host because one thing, he didn’t take it seriously. He didn’t think that the show was anything too serious simply because it isn’t a serious thing. … Continue reading Man Crush Monday: Tyler Posey

The Weeknd Releases Music Video For “Reminder”

Everything The Weeknd touches turns into a hit. That’s the truth. All he sings about his doing drugs but he somehow makes it sound sexy and just keeps coming with hit after hit. “I just won a new award for a kids show. Talking ’bout a face coming off a bag a blow. I’m like … Continue reading The Weeknd Releases Music Video For “Reminder”

Woman Crush Wednesday: Sophia Bush

Sophia Bush is the winner this week simply because she is absolutely stunning. I mean in reality, Sophia Bush is someone who I would love to not only look like, but also act like. She carries herself with such poise and composure. Remember back when Chad Michael Murray slept with Paris Hilton and then Sophia … Continue reading Woman Crush Wednesday: Sophia Bush

Well Hello There Nick Jonas

So I have a real question for everyone, when the fuck did Nick Jonas get hot? I mean seriously, this guy is good looking now. He is the best looking out of the Chia Pet brothers that is for sure! I was just trolling through random websites and found out that he was on an … Continue reading Well Hello There Nick Jonas

Is Harry Styles good looking?

This is the question that I have been trying to figure out the answer to since he dated the one and only T.Swift. Is Harry Styles actually good looking? He is eerily similar to Mic Jagger so we all know that poor Harry isn’t going to age well. I am just trying to figure out … Continue reading Is Harry Styles good looking?