Man Crush Monday : Matt Lanter

  Well hey everyone, guess who is back! It’s me! Sorry for the extended hiatus, but I am feeling rejuvinated and ready to go with 2018. I really hope that you are all ready for some solid content and Willi Killiams writing style. So it’s Monday, almost Tuesday, but I had to pick the first … Continue reading Man Crush Monday : Matt Lanter

Man Crush Monday: Logic

Right now Logic is absolutely blowing up on the radio due to his latest song “1-800-273-8255” which is well deserved in my opinion. Logic has been coming out with music for a long time but this song? It just hits so close to home for so many people and it’s a song on the radio … Continue reading Man Crush Monday: Logic

Man Crush Monday : Kellan Lutz

Now before you start telling me how random this Man Crush Monday pick is just listen to me. Today there was an eclipse that everyone was all fucking excited about. Truthfully I couldn’t care less, but that’s normal for things to do with nature and me, I just don’t care. Anyway, do you all remember … Continue reading Man Crush Monday : Kellan Lutz

Man Crush Monday: Khalid

Honestly, I feel like I am late to this party but that’s fine. Right now all I am listening to other than SZA is Khalid. I just can’t enough of him! There is something about his voice that just puts me in a trance. Now to me his music is definitely weed smoking music but … Continue reading Man Crush Monday: Khalid

Man Crush Monday: Keegan Michael Key

So I have a massive crush on Keegan Michael Key and I will not stop. He is handsome, hysterical, and extremely smart. I have recently binge watched ‘Friends From College’ and it was incredible. The writing, the acting, I loved everything about it! During the Netflix original series I hated Keegan’s character but I was … Continue reading Man Crush Monday: Keegan Michael Key

Man Crush Monday: Sam Asghari

Last week I missed posting my Man Crush Monday and I am truly sorry. I know that everyone sits on the edge of their seats waiting to see who I am going to choose. Well this week I decided to go with Sam Asghari, Britney Spears‘ new beau. In all actuality I am just being … Continue reading Man Crush Monday: Sam Asghari

Man Crush Monday: Brant Daugherty

So tomorrow ‘Pretty Little Liars’ is all over so today I wanted to appreciate arguable the hottest guy on the show. Listen, I love me some Ian Harding but Brant Daugherty, there is no question he is the hottest guy on the show. Earlier this week I wrote a post about his new shirtless photos … Continue reading Man Crush Monday: Brant Daugherty

Man Crush Monday: Demetrius Shipp Jr

Over the weekend the highly anticipate movie about Tupac’s life ‘All Eyez On Me’ was released. Although the reviews have been kind of mixed, one thing is for sure, Demetrius brought it. Most of the bad reviews come from the storytelling of the movie rather than the performance of the actor. Now I have yet … Continue reading Man Crush Monday: Demetrius Shipp Jr

Man Crush Monday: Nyjah Huston

So this weekend while I was hungover on Sunday, laying in my bed scrolling through Snapchat, I saw that a featured story was about the highest paid skater in the world. Naturally I love guys who can skateboard, I have no idea why but I do. I blame the Disney channel original movie ‘Brink’, it’s … Continue reading Man Crush Monday: Nyjah Huston

Man Crush Monday: Klay Thompson

I have zero interest in watching the Warriors take on the Cavs for the third year in a row, snooze city if you ask me. One thing I do have an interest in though, hot basketball players. Basketball players are all so tall, muscular, and can jump super high which means they are superheroes or … Continue reading Man Crush Monday: Klay Thompson