Macklemore & Kesha Team Up For “Good Old Days” – Listen Here!

It’s a hit! That’s all I can say about this Macklemore and Kesha bop. It’s such a catchy song and I feel like it is relatable as well. Let’s be clear, I am not all that old but even looking back at high school, I miss that magic. The magic of talking to your friends … Continue reading Macklemore & Kesha Team Up For “Good Old Days” – Listen Here!

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Release Video For ‘Brad Pitt’s Cousin’

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis photographed at Jack Studio in New York City on Feb. 9, 2016. DAVID NEEDLEMAN So I am pretty sure that Macklemore and Brad Pitt aren’t actually related but I am also not positive about that statement. I googled it and could only find this song so I am going to guess they … Continue reading Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Release Video For ‘Brad Pitt’s Cousin’

Wait, Is Macklemore Attractive?

Last night I was watching the Grammy’s like most of the world and of course Macklemore was one of the biggest winners of the night, he also married a bunch of people. Well no, Queen Latifah married a bunch of people but he brought the soundtrack to the wedding. Anyway, I had one question mind … Continue reading Wait, Is Macklemore Attractive?

Music Monday: “Know Your Name” – Mary Lambert

Usually with Music Monday I like to try and find people who haven’t been a part of huge hits, things like that. Mary Lambert was of course a part of “Same Love” by Macklemore, but she doesn’t get nearly enough credit for her own music. This singer kind of reminds me of Hayley Williams, kind … Continue reading Music Monday: “Know Your Name” – Mary Lambert

Carly Rae Jepsen Smash Hit “Call Me Maybe” Is Officially Diamond

Oh hell yeah! This song is still my jam! Whenever it comes on, I still have to sing and dance to this absolute banger. It’s pretty insane that there are only 11 US singles that are considered diamond and this bad boy is one of them. Carly Rae just straight up killing it, still. This … Continue reading Carly Rae Jepsen Smash Hit “Call Me Maybe” Is Officially Diamond

Let’s Be Honest No One Knows Who Ryan Lewis Is

This video is absolutely brilliant right? I mean everyone hears Macklemore and Ryan Lewis but in reality they have no idea who Ryan Lewis is. Is he just a hype man? Is he a producer? No one knows! Jimmy Fallon knows that this is pure comedy gold though. What a simple yet brilliant idea. Why … Continue reading Let’s Be Honest No One Knows Who Ryan Lewis Is

Grammys Winners List of 2014

So I think that we can all sit here after the award show and realized that some people got seriously robbed of an award that should have been theirs. There is a lot that shouldn’t have happened. Let’s be real did Daft Punk really deserve all of those awards? Come on people! Kendrick Lamar got … Continue reading Grammys Winners List of 2014

Grammy Nomination List 2014

Listed below are the artists nominated for Grammy awards this year! I will bold who I think should win, then italicize who will probably win. ALBUM OF THE YEAR Sara Bareilles – The Blessed Unrest Daft Punk – Random Access Memories Kendrick Lamar – Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – The Heist … Continue reading Grammy Nomination List 2014

Most Searched Things of 2013!

Top Searched Person of 2013 1.       Beyoncé 2.       Kim Kardashian 3.       Rihanna 4.       Taylor Swift 5.       Madonna 6.       Justin Bieber 7.       Nicki Minaj 8.       Amanda Bynes 9.       Miley Cyrus 10.    Barack Obama Top Searched Songs of 2013 1.       Macklemore & Ryan Lewis – “Thrift Shop” 2.       Robin Thicke – “Blurred Lines” 3.       Rihanna – “Stay” 4.       Imagine Dragons – “Radioactive” 5.       Jason Derulo – “The Other Side” 6.       Bruno … Continue reading Most Searched Things of 2013!