Man Crush Monday: Demetrius Shipp Jr

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Over the weekend the highly anticipate movie about Tupac’s life ‘All Eyez On Me’ was released. Although the reviews have been kind of mixed, one thing is for sure, Demetrius brought it.

Most of the bad reviews come from the storytelling of the movie rather than the performance of the actor.

Now I have yet to see it but I will because I think that Demetrius is a babe and I love me some Kat Graham, so it’s only right that I check it out.

It’s kind of insane that I have been reading comments from people saying that they don’t think that Demetrius even looks like Tupac which is the craziest thing in the world. No, they aren’t twins but they look damn near identical if you ask me.

Hopefully we see more Demetrius and he isn’t typecast as Tupac for ever.

That smile, those eyes, and his body, he’s gotta stay in the public eye!

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2 thoughts on “Man Crush Monday: Demetrius Shipp Jr”

  1. Well, I have a big ♥ crush on Demetrius. I’m 27 no kids and no drama. I’m an inspiring pop singer. I can sing 🎶 and dance. I’m a future super 🌟 star. In a a few weeks I’m going to post some YouTube videos of my talent. I hope you check it out after I make my video 😘 and holla at your girl Kandace Thomas. I wish you good luck to continue a sucessful acting career! You definitely inspire m3 go after my dream of being in the music 🎤 business. And I’ll post the link to my video on here

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