Man Crush Monday: Nyjah Huston

So this weekend while I was hungover on Sunday, laying in my bed scrolling through Snapchat, I saw that a featured story was about the highest paid skater in the world. Naturally I love guys who can skateboard, I have no idea why but I do. I blame the Disney channel original movie ‘Brink’, it’s about rollerbladers, but you know what I am saying.

Well, after my hangover curiosity I realized that Nyjah Huston is an absolute babe.

He is covered in tattoos, he gets paid to do what he loves, and as he repeated many times during his mini Cribs episode, he doesn’t need much to make him happy.

Not only is he the most paid skateboarder, he is only 22 so my guess is that he will only get better from here on out.

So, get ready to fall in love because Nyjah has a beautiful smile and is really cool, skateboarder, remember?

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