Man Crush Monday : Isaiah Thomas

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In case you haven’t noticed I am a big sports fan.

Just kidding, I just like to look at athletes. I can watch sports and understand them but I don’t, that simple. I simply Google good looking athletes and make my picks from there!

Last night though, Isaiah Thomas came in clutch for the Celtics. They are in the playoffs, I don’t know what round but I know it is a big deal, that’s all I know. I know that they didn’t play well the past two games but last night, Isaiah played his heart out and the Celtics ended up winning.

From what I am told, Isaiah is basically the heart and soul of this years Celtics team.

Now there are a lot of reasons why I am attracted to Isaiah Thomas. The first is that he is a dedicated husband and wife, come on, that’s adorable. The second is that he kind of reminds me of Ja Rule a little bit when he wears his sweatband, and the final reason is that he is only 5’9″. He is almost a foot shorter than everyone else out there but he is still killing it.

So keep on making Boston proud Isaiah.

Happy Monday!

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