Demi Lovato Tweets Poot Lovato Meme!

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A few years back, probably two years ago, there was a photo going around of Demi from a really bad angle. No really, this was probably the worst photo of Demi ever taken and it of course became a meme.

People decided to name this meme, Poot. Poot Lovato, and there were Twitter accounts, Instagram accounts, it was kind of hilarious.

When it first happened, Demi didn’t think it was funny at all. She went off on Twitter about how hateful everyone was posting this photo around.

Well it looks like Demi stopped taking herself so damn seriously! Today she owned the Poot meme! What a day to be alive!

It’s simple but if you’re a Demi fan, you know this is a big step in her having a sense of humor.

Poot Lovato lives on.

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