These Two ’13 Reasons Why’ Co-Stars Are Reportedly Dating

In case you didn’t know ’13 Reasons Why’ was released on Netflix on Friday and a lot of people have already watched the entire season. I have watched the entire season, I know that much.

Instead of getting drunk, I actually decided to stay in and make good choices. Just stare at my television and fall in love with a show that won’t have a second season.

Well apparently two co-stars are dating and it isn’t the two lead characters who have such cute chemistry. It is actually two of the jock actors, Alex and Justin are their character’s names but Justin is Brandon Flynn and Alex are Miles Heizer.

These two both play guys who are ladies men so I love it even more.

Now these two haven’t made any public comments about their relationship but they are kind of all over Instagram about it.

Again I will say that these two are allegedly dating, since nothing has been totally confirmed just yet.

So if they are dating they are fucking adorable and if they are simply really close friends, still adorable.

See their cute Instagram photos posted below!

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