Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Make It Instagram Official For A Minute

Image result for alex rodriguez and jloAnthony J. Causi/ Splash News

Apparently Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have been dating for a very short amount of time. Like most of J.Lo’s recent relationships, is becoming a big topic in celebrity news.

Homegirl knows how to work the media, that is for sure.

Last night J.Lo posted a photo of her and A-Rod hanging out in bed in the Bahamas.

The only reason I am so surprised about this couple is the fact they are close to the same age! J.Lo is 47 and A-Rod is 41 years old, cutting it close there Jen!

If J.Lo is dating men her own age, maybe the world is ending.

Oh and just so everyone knows, she quickly deleted this photo after it was posted. Like usual, she wanted to make sure it hit the mainstream media before pulling it. I hate when celebrities do that shit. It’s all for attention and we all feed into it, me included.

Will this couple last? Let me know!

I give it a year, I know that is generous but I could see them playing with the media for a while before finally pulling the plug, maybe even doing a whole on and off thing.

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