‘Friday Night Lights’ Star Zach Gilford Is Running The LA Marathon To Raise Money For Planned Parenthood

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Damn I am so sorry for the long title but I wanted to get it all out there.

Can you blame me? It is always incredible to see men standing up for women’s rights. For some reason people think that Planned Parenthood only does abortions and there is no other use for the government funded clinic. They also give out mammograms, they help with UTIs, they give out birth control, and the list goes on. Also to those who talk about how they don’t want their tax dollars going towards it, well cool, I don’t want my taxes to go to a fucking wall but here we are.

That’s a rant for a different day though.

Let’s talk about sweet baby angel Zach Gilford who played the lovable Matt Saracen on ‘Friday Night Lights’. He is out there doing the damn thing and standing up for what he believes is right.

His message is simple. “The fact that an organization such as Planned Parenthood, which does so much good for women’s health, has been caught in the cross hairs of a sexist government sickens me. This feels like one little thing I can do to support. Please join me.”

So if you want to join him, which I hope you will because I am planning on donating once I get my paycheck, click here.

Thank you for being an ally Zach.

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