Paris Hilton Is Dating ‘The Leftovers’ Star Chris Zylka

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Paris Hilton is out there still doing the damn thing. I know that Kim Kardashian stole her, well everything but Paris doesn’t quit. She is now a famous DJ in case you weren’t aware and she still dates hotties.

Remember back when Paris dated a guy names Paris? That was a wild time to be alive.

It looks like for now Paris has found love in actor Chris Zylka. If he looks familiar he plays Tom in the HBO series ‘The Leftovers’ and was also Jake in The CW series ‘The Secret Circle’. Oh and he also dated Lucy Hale for a little while.

It looks like these two are officially official though since Paris posted a photo of her and Chris making out on her Snapchat recently.

I give this relationship a month before they break up.

Just a little for the record thing, I still prefer Paris to Kim.

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