Happy 30th Birthday Michael B Jordan!

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Today the wildly talented Michael B. Jordan turns 30 years old. Although he is probably now too old to be considered someone in young Hollywood, I do believe that we have just seen the tip of the iceberg with what this guy can do.

Michael got his first big break in the show ‘The Wire’ followed by playing Vince Carter on ‘Friday Night Lights. From there his career just kind of seemed to take off, he was in ‘Fruitvale Station’ which brought him to the attention of everyone, then starred alongside Zac Efron in ‘That Awkward Moment’ then of course ‘Creed’ happened. I think that movie was that one that made everyone notice him.

This year Michael is set to star in ‘Black Panther’ which is a Marvel movie, so you know it’s going to be huge. There are rumors about a ‘Creed 2’ coming out as well, which I am sure would be incredible.

Although he is 30 years old, which is young in real life but not Hollywood years, I genuinely believe that we are going to see Michael for a long time to come.

Fun fact, did you know that the B in his name stands for bae? Terrible joke but I won’t apologize for it.

Happy birthday Michael! I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us!

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