Lady Gaga Isn’t Here For The Body Shamers

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According to far too many people online, Lady Gaga‘s performance wasn’t perfect because of her body. That’s right, people wanted to shame this woman who just danced, sang live while dancing, and probably has more talent in her pinky than you have in your entire body. Okay, so she doesn’t have a six pack, is that a big problem? The people complaining are watching men whose stomachs are hanging out of their jersey, yet that’s fine. For the record, it is fine. Your body is yours and you should be allowed to wear whatever you feel appropriate.

At the end of the day there are a lot of issues when it comes to body image. Everyone has them. Even men who have full on six packs have some kind of insecurity about their bodies, I am sure.

Lady Gaga isn’t here for any of that shit though, you really think that someone who sang “Born This Way” is going to let this get to her? Homie, she showed up to the GRAMMYs in an egg once.

Last night Gaga took to Instagram with a simple yet effective post.

Solid clap back at the haters Gaga, you looked beautiful and sounded incredible.

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