Man Crush Monday : James White

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Last night the New England Patriots went on to win the Super Bowl in a nail biting finish. Everyone thought that they were out and then in the second half the Patriots decided to light up the field. They outplayed the Falcons and one of the players that helped, well a lot was James White.

He surprised a lot of people, that’s for sure. He is only 25 years old, and was able to make some game changing plays. By some of course, I mean that he got 3 touchdowns and was able to run it into the end zone.

Now only is he the hero that the Patriots needed in those moments, he broke Super Bowl records. James set a record for having the most catches (14) and receiving yards (110).

So hey James, thank you for saving the Patriots and I look forward to seeing you next season!

Unfortunately ladies, James is very taken but it doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate his sweet smile and hero like ability.

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Smile more often 😁

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