Liam Payne Is Busy Working On Solo Project

Over the past few months Liam Payne has been teasing us with his solo venture that he has embarked on since One Direction has been on a “break”.

None of the band members will confirm that they are over, but let’s be real, they all have solo projects of their own and considering how well Niall’s started out, I can’t imagine them halting that kind of forward progress to go back for one last reunion tour.

As most people know, Liam is going to be a father soon since rumor has it that his girlfriend Cheryl Cole is expecting their first child in March. It looks like Liam is doing all that he can to get as much of this project finished before Cheryl’s due date.

Last night he posted a photo on Instagram of him in a recording booth. It’s also worth a mention that there is a picture of a baby wearing headphones on the wall. Maybe he is giving us a hint of things to come but then again it could have just been there before he started recording.

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