Jonah Hill Looks Dreamy On The SAG Awards Red Carpet

dev rami suit up for sag awards 2017 043849790All photo credit 

Well hot damn Jonah Hill, you have glowed up since the last time that we saw you.

Let me be clear, I have had a crush on Jonah Hill for a very long time now. I think he is low key one of the best actors of this generation and I think that he is very good looking. I know that he gains weight then loses weight, I know that but I am into it. I mean look at how he is looks on the red carpet. There are no complaints from right here.

I am guessing that he has lost the weight for a movie role but I don’t think that he has ever looked better. Maybe it is the weight loss, maybe it is the beard, maybe it is a bit of both.

Whatever the case is I am very into this scruffy sleek look that Jonah has going on.

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