Mandy Moore & Shane West Remember ‘A Walk To Remember’ 15 Years Later

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Can you even believe that ‘A Walk To Remember’ came out 15 years ago? Well actually, I can believe this. It took me way too long to see it after it came out though. I can remember being younger and thinking it looked too sad and then in high school I finally watched it, and I was right, it’s an extremely sad movie.

The love story between Jamie and Landon was one that was beautifully written and only showed a glimpse of what Nicholas Sparks had in store of us. Although this may be my favorite story he has ever put together.

Mandy and Shane both did a bit of a Twitter AMA too, which was awesome to follow, check out their Twitters if you’re interested.

Here is what they both posted on Instagram though!

I just need a moment to cry.

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