Man Crush Monday : Chris Hogan

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If you hate the Patriots, I totally get it. I mean they are a great team and a lot of people hate teams that win a lot, I understand. Let’s be real though, even if you hate them you have to admit one thing. They have a really, really good looking team.

Last night the Patriots went on to beat the Steelers and there was one player who really stood out and had an incredible game. Chris Hogan. The team worked together of course but Chris Hogan went above and beyond, probably having one of the best games of his career.

Some fun facts about the star, he is married to his college sweetheart who is a doctor and they are expecting twins. He stands at 6’1″, and he was actually a college lacross player rather than football player, it just so happened that he was good at both so it worked out in his favor.

Happy Monday and may we see Chris Hogan’s beautiful blue eyes as he holds up the Lombardi trophy!

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Great win boys!! #letsgooo #postseason #pats

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