Bella Thorne Shuts Down Gregg Sulkin Nude Photos With One Simple Tweet

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I have said some things about Bella Thorne but I have to give this girl credit, she knows how to have headlines written about her. Whether she is fucking with Charlie Puth‘s little heart or shutting down rumors about Gregg Sulkin‘s dick, she knows what she is doing.

The story is this. There have been a lot of nude leaks on male MTV stars at the moment. Cody Christian and Tyler Posey, both from ‘Teen Wolf’ had photos leak and then there was a rumor going around about Gregg Sulkin.

Bella decided to throw her two cents in about how it isn’t actually Gregg. Tyler’s nudes were a part of the leak too but they are videos so she can’t really comment on that being real. I bring up Tyler because she dated Tyler like two seconds after breaking up with Gregg, so obviously she would know.

So there you have it. No Gregg dick pics as of now.

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