James Lafferty Looks Super Hot In Latest Instagram Post

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Like most people I fell in love with James Lafferty while he was playing the jerk turned sweetheart Nathan Scott on ‘One Tree Hill’. It was there that those baby blue eyes and jet black hair really did it for me.

Everyone once in a while I just like to appreciate the man. Is that so wrong? Although he hasn’t done much acting, he has directed a few episodes of ‘The Royals’ since Mark Schwahn is the writer and creator of the show. In case you didn’t know he also created ‘One Tree Hill’ so it makes sense that he and James are so close.

Well last night James went on Instagram and posted a super hot photo. His shirt half buttoned, messy hair, holding a paddle, I mean I could keep going.

Here you go, and you’re welcome for your James Lafferty update.

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Strayin' 🇦🇺🍻

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Can we just take a moment to appreciate that defined chest and perfectly scruffy jawline?

God bless.

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