Man Crush Monday : Colin Farrell

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Remember when Colin Farrell was the ultimate bad boy back in the early 2000’s? He was known for smoking on the red carpet and briefly dating Britney Spears among others. It nearly ruined him, but here he is. Now it is 2017 and he was just nominated for a Golden Globe. That’s an improvement if you ask me.

Colin is definitely one of the best looking guys in Hollywood and like a glass of wine, he just keeps getting better looking with age. Something that we should all just take a moment to appreciate.

I blame Colin for my attraction to men with a five o’clock shadow because I am pretty sure he has never been fully clean shaven. Okay, don’t Google that, I am probably wrong.

Seeing him walking down the red carpet with his mother last night though, it was swoon worthy.

Sure he may have had his bad boy days but he has calmed down and lives outside of Los Angeles. He is 40 years old and now the father of two boys, and seems to just love being a dad.

Thanks for being consistently good looking Colin, you’re one I can always count on.

Mum's the word! Colin Farrell  arrived in style with his glamorous mother Rita at the 74th Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles on Sunday

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