Watch Ed Sheeran Perform “Castle On The Hill” On BBC1

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Listen I am a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, I have seen him twice and one of them was at his first stadium performance ever. I am really a big fan, but this “Castle On The Hill” song, I feel like I have heard it before.

There’s no question that this song sounds like most of his other songs. It reminds me of “Photograph”. The lyrics are fun and all but I genuinely feel like I have heard Ed Sheeran sing this song before.

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t like it, the lyrics are great, it just sounds very similar to his other songs.

Also I love the scar that Princess Beatrice gave him while she was pretending to knight him. That’s what happens when you’re drunk and play with swords.

I do like “Shape Of You” much better than “Castle On The Hill” but it kind of reminds me of Sia, right?

Come on Eddy, you can do better. I am still excited for the new album though!

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