Apparently Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Are Boxing In March

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Okay, so I have thought that so far 2017 has been a pretty solid year, but this? This is just straight up messy.

Apparently the beef between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy started when Soulja liked a photo that Chris’ ex Karrueche Tran. Word is that Chris still feels as though Karrueche is his, so he is still pretty possessive over her. I won’t even start with the issues there, I am sure that you can tell how fucked up that is without me getting too into it.

The two started to post videos back and forth, Soulja might have been jumped in the streets of Compton while talking shit about Chris Brown. Again, this has all been very weird.

So after a bit more chatter, another asshole decided to join in on their fight and capitalize on it. Floyd Mayweather decided that he was going to put together the fight and put it up on pay per view for the whole world to watch.

Since all of this went down there are some reports that the fight will be happening in March, and the money will go to charity.

Who knows if this will even happen.

This is really just a messy feud that we really don’t need.

For the record I think that Chris Brown will win simply because he is an extremely violent person. He has no problem beating women, throwing bricks at his mother’s car. the dude is a straight sociopath.

In case you were wondering Floyd Mayweather is reportedly training Soulja Boy and Mike Tyson is helping Chris Brown.

Again, this is all messy.

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