Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Issued Citation For Possession Of Marijuana

Lauren Jauregui was traveling to Brazil and got pulled aside because she decided to pack a little bit of devil’s lettuce in her carry one bag. That’s right! She thought it would be a solid move to have weed in her carry on. Listen, I don’t think weed is a big deal but if you’re going through security with it? Not smart. That’s what celebrities have friends for. Lauren next time make your personal assistant carry it.

When the citation was first issues everyone was reporting that Lauren was taken to jail and would be missing Fifth Harmony‘s big show in Brazil. Not true, well it’s only half true. She did miss their performance in Brazil but she wasn’t in jail.

According to reports all that happened was that she was pulled to the side and basically written a ticket for having weed on her persons. That simple.

Be more careful next time Lauren, just roll up some joints and then hollow out cigarettes and put them in there. It works, from what I hear it works.

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