Drake Was All Heart-Eyed Emojis At J. Lo’s Vegas Show

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Last night Drake was in Vegas and decided to stop by J.Lo‘s Vegas show. Can you blame him? J.Lo is incredibly talented and all the reviews about the show are absolutely incredible, it is apparently one of the best shows in Vegas at the moment.

During his time at the show, he made sure that everyone knew how happy he was to be there. Posting photos on Instagram to document his time at the show of course.

I have to admit, I laugh a bit whenever Drake tries to act tough. I can’t take him seriously when he is out there fangirling over J. Lo. On another note though, I would love to see these two make a collaboration. In case you didn’t know J. Lo was featured in a ton of rap songs in the early 2000’s and they were all hits.

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😍 <——– Lotta those

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