Louis Tomlinson Will Perform Solo Song “Just Hold On” On X-Factor In Honor Of His Mother

After being diagnosed with an aggressive form of leukemia earlier this year, Louis‘ mother, Johannah, unfortunately passed away at age 42. A ton of celebrities have reached out to send love to the singer and his family, which I am sure that Louis appreciates.

With this news comes some bitter sweet news for Louis, I am sure.

He is performing his first solo song tomorrow night on X-Factor, on the stage where it all began, where his mother was rooting for him to get past the first round. She must have been so proud that day, and continued to be proud at the career that he has put together for himself.

Although there were rumors of rescheduling, Louis and X-Factor put out this statement.

“Louis will go ahead with his debut solo performance at the X Factor final tomorrow night in tribute to his late mother. The performance was long-planned and it was one of Johannah’s dying wishes for Louis to take the stage. As a result, he will go ahead with what she wanted.”

The song is pretty catchy and word on the street is that Louis wants to focus more on creating more dance music, which makes sense why he would team up with Steve Aoki.

Check it out below. Sending good vibes Louis’ way for his performance and healing after losing his mother.

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