Are Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera Recording A Duet?

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The Britney and Christina rivalry has been a thing since the late 90’s.The two came out with their first singles around the same time, they were even in the ‘Mickey Mouse Club’ together.

Both of them said that the rivalry was completely fiction and made up by the media, but I don’t believe that, not for one second. For one I know girls. We get jealous and salty easily, I can’t even imagine how I would act if I was losing out on performances due to someone else.

Maybe it wasn’t as intense as the media made it but right after Britney and Justin broke up, Christina did go on tour with Justin. So I mean, I am just going to sip my tea on that one.

It looks like the two of them are ready to bury the hatchet though, apparently Christina registered a song with Britney on it as well.

Can you even imagine how fast that would sell? Nostalgia is so hot right now, if these two decide to join forces, that single would be #1 on Itunes so fast.

Please give me this single. Please let this be real life.

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