Man Crush Monday : Donald Glover

Whether you know him as Donald Glover or Childish Gambino there is one thing you know about this guy. He is insanely talented. He is a talented actor, rapper, singer, and writer. This man is a visionary, that is something that I am totally sure of.

Donald is currently starring in ‘Atlanta’ which is one of the most talked about new series of the year. He isn’t just starring in it though, he created the damn thing and he is also a writer. Like I said, he is insanely talented in everything that he does. There is a lot of award buzz for the show, but it may be a little bit too new to be nominated, we will see.

He also had time to release a new album under his alter ego Childish Gambino. The critics are raving about it and from what I have listened it is on a whole new level of showing off his talents.

Obviously he is talented and was recently cast in the Han Solo movie, but there is something else that makes him MCM worthy. He is really, really handsome. Look at him. That smile, that jawline, his perfect facial hair, I could go on and on about how hot he is.

Happy Monday and I can’t wait to see more of Donald Glover, Childish Gambino, whatever you want to call him, because he is a visionary and he isn’t going anywhere any time soon!

Image result for childish gambino shirtless

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