Celebrities React to Dakota Access Pipeline Decision

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In case you’ve been living under a rock or just not paying attention to the news there have been peaceful protests at Standing Rock for months now. The protests started off small but due to social media more and more people started to show up and stand up against corporate greed.

Native Americans have been fighting against the pipeline since it would go through their main drinking water, making it unsafe.

Now it is time to celebrate though. No more protesting, just dancing in celebration.

“The US Army Corps of Engineers will not grant permission for the Dakota Access Pipeline to cross Lake Oahe, the hotspot of massive protests of water protectors, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe said in a statement, adding that alternative routes are now being studied.” (credit) .

Maybe celebrities have been vocal about the issue and many have also stood on the front lines to protest.

Check out their reactions of joy and happiness now that it has been officially halted.


Always speak up for what you believe in even if your voice shakes, always stand up for what you believe in even if your legs wobble.

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