J. Cole Might Be Dropping A Surprise Album Next Week

Well, well, well it looks like J. Cole knows that we need something good to end 2016 with. Of course the Ja Rule and Ashanti song on the Hamilton Mixtape can only do so much! This shit year needs to have sometihing good happen. So a J. Cole album would definitely help. At this point all signs point to yes that he will be releasing an album since 4 Your Eyez Only has popped up on Itunes!

The album will reportedly on December 9th, and has ten tracks. Most people know that his last album went platinum with no features and became the best selling rap album of 2014, and the Grammys ignored him,but hey, the don’t like talent much anyway.

Let’s see what happens!

Are you excited for this to drop, if it happens?

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