Penn Badgley Debuts Blonde Hair While Performing With MOTHXR !


So this is new. You know Lonely Boy aka Gossip Girl himself Penn Badgley? Well he is now a part of a band called MOTHXR and he was performing down in Miami with them. It was some art show or something. I don’t know, I am not artsy, I am just here to talk about Penn’s new look.

Is it weird that I am into it? I am really attracted when guys have bleached hair, I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Well when certain guys have bleached hair. I can’t explain it. Let me just blame the 90’s for allowing frosted tips when I was just starting to learn about men. That’s who I will blame.

For the record, Lonely Boy’s new band is actually pretty good and Penn is the lead singer, which is extremely sexual.

I am actually excited to hear more from these guys, and Penn I like the bleached blonde more than the insane curls you used to rock.

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