JoJo Drops “FAB” Music Video Featuring Remy Ma!

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I will never ever apologize for making my blog so JoJo heavy today. You won’t get me to do! Someone needs to give her music the love it deserves and I have decided that it’s me. Sorry, that sounded a lot more stalker than I meant it to. I just think that JoJo deserves all the praise in the world!

Amen to this song though. We all can think of one or two girlfriends that might fit the whole “FAB” description.

This music video is just visually beautiful too, black and white, all scernery. I kind of wish it was a super dramatic like club music video of two girls hating each other from the other side of the rooms, but it’s okay.

My favorite line “how about a hand for the real ones, put it down had my back since day one.”

If you haven’t bought Mad Love yet, go and do it with your bitch ass.

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