Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag Pratt Celebrate Their 8 Year Anniversary!

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Whether you love or hate this couple, you know about them. The two of them were able to become the villains of ‘The Hills’ and then the country kind of wanted to ban them for a little while.

Most people know at this point that ‘The Hills‘ was pretty scripted but who would have thought that the realest thing about the show was the relationship of Heidi and Spencer. The couple started dating on season 2 of the show, then well, the rest is history.

The two of them eloped in Mexico I believe, then had many staged paparazzi photoshoots after that.

Never forget Speidi and I would like to genuinely give them my congratulations. They were able to make it through the reality television world and continue to be a functioning and happy couple.

May you two have many more incredible years of marriage.


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