Zayn Malik Continues To Complain About Being Famous

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I am so sick of Zayn Malik complaining about how much he hates being famous, he is even worse than Justin Bieber has been in the past. All that Zayn does is complain that being famous gives him anxiety, and that if he could change it, he would.

Well newsflash Zayn. You can. Stop doing interviews, stop making music, stop making a weird fucking autobiography, and just take your money and step away. I just don’t feel bad for you. I understand anxiety is real but if you can’t even put on a show due to your anxiety, maybe you should take a step back.

This rant is coming out of nowhere either. He recently did an interview with the Evening Standard about fame.

When he was asked what advice he would give the 17 year old Zayn Malik that was trying out for X-Factor, he said “don’t do it”, but then added: “I would say, ‘Do your research and be a bit more prepared about certain situations before you make a decision.’ ”

Zayn went on to add “But I probably wouldn’t have [signed] — I would’ve waited a couple more extra years. Just so I had that time to just get my head around being a famous person. I’ve never been able to have, what’s the word? Anonymity. If I could go back, I’d have a few more years of anonymity.”

If he wants to be so anonymous he can step away, believe me, you wouldn’t be totally missed. Yes, people would still notice him but he has enough money to just go off the grid.

So Zayn, if you want to stop being famous. I have some tips. Stop doing interviews, stop putting out music and then cancelling shows, and stop complaining about being famous. Nobody feels bad for you.

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