Beyonce Drops “Daddy Lessons” Remix Featuring The Dixie Chicks

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Last night was a big night at the CMAs , the biggest performance of the night was definitely Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks. You really can’t deny it either. Most people tuned in to just see Beyonce grace the stage. Yes, she has that kind of power. Sure, some people were there to watch the other performances and complain how they aren’t country anymore, but Beyonce was the main attraction.

Well after her performance, Beyonce dropped the studio version of “Daddy Lessons” , and it’s pretty incredible. Nothing like some strong female vocals to get your blood pumping!

Could Beyonce do a country cross over album? That would be fucking incredible. I give Beyonce a lot of shit because I think that she does theatrics that she doesn’t need to do. When she just sings and shows off her vocals, I can’t get enough.

What do you think? Love or hate this remix? Let me know!

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