Jennifer Lawrence Is Reportedly Dating Director Darren Aronofsky

Quiet date: Jennifer Lawrence was seen leaving the Commissary in Los Angeles with new beau Darren Aronofsky on FridayPhoto Credit

So word on the street is that Jennifer Lawrence , 26,is dating director Darren Aronofsky, 47, and the relationship is new and fresh. Jennifer has always been pretty coy about her relationships so we probably won’t get many photos of them together, other than the blurry shot above.

Let me be real right now, this is weird. I am sorry JLaw but I truly think that you are a weird for this one. I always thought that her relationship with Chris Martin was very illusive and odd but Darren? He directed Black Swan, also known as one of the most fucked up movies I have ever seen. So I don’t like him on that basis. Sure he is brilliant but he is also a little terrifying, right? If you didn’t get it right away, Black Swan really fucked me up for a few days.

There have recently been stories that she is less stressed out now that she is dating Darren because it is more lowkey than her previous relationships.

After doing some Googling I also found out that Darren wrote and directed Requim For A Dream, only proving my point that he must be a real weird dude to hang out with. Another movie that fucked me up.

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